July 2015 (Volume 16/Issue 2)/ Issues 2

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1 Privacy - Conserving & Content - Securing Locality Based Queries
Malaneelam Bhaskar,M.Shams Tabrezuddin
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2 Privacy-Conserving and Substance-Shielding Spot Based Queries
P. Jyothi,G. Prakashbabu
5-8 Click Here
3 Simplification Of Document Notation Using Content & Querying Value
Malaneelam Bhaskar ,S.Hazi Zuber Basha
9-12 Click Here
4 Sustaining Seclusion Fortification In Modified Web Exploration
Y.Bharathi,M. Sivalakshmi,S.G. Nawaz
13-16 Click Here
5 Performing The Necessary Security Mechanism For Public Clouds
Dr.K.Venkatesh Sharma,Duggaraju . Krishna Pradeep Kumar
17-20 Click Here
6 Personalized and Efficient Search With Keywords
Ganesh C.Shelke,G.Lakpathi,B.Seshagiri
21-31 Click Here
7 A Concern-Oriented Requirement to Discovering Early Aspects using Robust k Means Clus..
K.Poornima,C. Viswanadh
32-38 Click Here
8 Public Auditing For Shared Data With Efficient User Revocation In The Cloud
Malaneelam Bhaskar,G.Umadevi
39-42 Click Here
9 A New Approach Of Image Compression - Encryption System Based On Optimal Value Transfer
B.C.Prudhvi Teja,M.Venkatesh Naik
43-45 Click Here
10 Secure & Solitude Checking For Shared Data With Large Groups In Cloud
Nagella Revathi,S.Sravani
46-48 Click Here
11 Key Pre-Distribution Protocol For Multi-Phase Circulated Wireless Sensor Networks
49-52 Click Here
12 An Utility - Theoretic Approach For Privacy Protection In Modified Web Exploration
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57-62 Click Here
14 Live Traffic Index For Online Shortest Path Computation
Yada Kiran Kumar,Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad,P.Niranjan Kumar
63-68 Click Here
15 SALB: Simulated Annealing Based Load Balancing in Grid
Shivangi Katiyar,Nipun Mehta,Ankit Gupta
69-72 Click Here
16 An adaptive data hiding scheme with high embedding capacity based on SMVQ and Image I..
Pooja M. Patil,Dr. V. R.Udupi,Prof. Subrahmanya
73-77 Click Here
17 Numerical Calculation of Model-Driven Performance Analysis and Simulation of Componen..
Dupakuntla Veena,K V Prasada Reddy
78-82 Click Here
18 An Exploratory Review of Base Station Power Optimization Techniques and Methods
Patel MiteshkumarManharbhai,ShrikantAhirwar,ParitoshGoldar
83-86 Click Here
19 Inferring Link Loss Service For Monitoring Large Networked Systems
B. Vijaya Bhaskar,G. Dasaratharami Reddy
87-90 Click Here
20 Clustering Of High Dimensional Data And Finding Relevant Features
Badabagni Lakshmi Devi,J.Kiran Kumar
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