December 2013 (Volume 4)/ Issues 1

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1 A Novel Approach in Green Cloud Computing
G. Kavitha,C.Sasikumar
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2 An Efficient Relevance Feedback Technique for an Automatic Image Annotation
G. Kavitha,C.Sasikumar
7-8 Click Here
3 Automatic and Robust Multiple Face Detection with Zippy in Real Time
C.Prathap, J.Prema,R.Agasthia
9-14 Click Here
4 Automatic Disabling of Cell phones at Prohibited Areas
15-17 Click Here
5 Detecting DDoS Attack by Monitoring Outgoing Messages
18-21 Click Here
6 Edge Detection for Retinal Image Using Superimposing Concept and Curvelet Transform
22-25 Click Here
7 Hierarchical Oriented Predictions for Resolution Scalable Lossless and Near-Lossless ..
G. Kavitha,C.Sasikumar
26-29 Click Here
8 Image and Improve Its Resolution Using Digital Image Processing
G. Kavitha,C.Sasikumar
30-32 Click Here
9 Improved Detection of Lung Nodule Overlapping with Ribs by using Virtual Dual Energy ..
G.Maria Dhayana Latha
33-39 Click Here
10 Secure Multicast Key Distribution Systems In Large Dynamic Groups
R.Venkatesan,G.Saravanan,J.Santhosh kumar
40-42 Click Here
11 Secure Spread Spectrum Technique for Data Hiding using Image watermarking
G. Kavitha,C.Sasikumar
43-47 Click Here
12 Data Mining Approaches to Analyze Road Traffic Accident Data
Dr. T. Anuradha
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