July 2014 (Volume 9 / Issue 1)/ Issues 1

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1 By Using Effective Mechanism for Detection and Prevention of Routing Attacks in Mobi..
K. Meghana,K. Manohar
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2 Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
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3 An Approach of Fast Clustering On High Dimensional Data for Efficiency and Effectiveness
P. Naveen Kumar
9-17 Click Here
4 Fair Resource Allocation in Cloud Using Virtual Machines
18-25 Click Here
5 A Range of queries in adaptive forms using document cluster with KNN algorithm
L.Kavitha,H.Lookman Sithic
25-28 Click Here
6 An Improving Performance in Complex Data of Filter Method Using Feature Subset Selec..
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7 Combined Tracking Technologies Using Data Mining With Markov- Chain Process
34-38 Click Here
8 Customized Web User Search Using Feedback Sessions
39-41 Click Here
9 Data Mining Analysis Using Query Formulation In Aggregated Distributed Database
42-46 Click Here
10 Discovery Of Association Rules With Secure Mining In Horizontally Distributed Databases
47-52 Click Here
11 A Distributed Handling Mobility Handover in Collaborative Spatially With Classifies ..
R. Suguna,S. Kumaravel
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12 A Image Denoising Selective Wavelet Transform Shrinkage Algorithm Using Threshold Method
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13 Access Control with Authentication privacy and Intrusion Detection to Secure Data in..
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14 Cluster Interfaced Objective Function in clustering-based feature selection algorith..
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15 Distributed System Invoke the Cloud Computing in Web Services using Caching
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16 Mitigating Vampire Attack in Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks of Draining Life Using ..
K.Divya Priya,V.Vijayalakshmi
69-72 Click Here
17 Security and Privacy Challenges Mona in Cloud Computing Using Signature Generation
G. Mahalakshmi,S. Kumaravel
73-77 Click Here
18 Personalizing Web Directories with Community Discovery Algorithm
Sriram K.P,Joel Robinson
78-82 Click Here
19 Energy Efficient and Secure, Trusted framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Sriramula SriPujitha,SubbaRao.k
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