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1 Clustering User Search Queries Using Textual Similarity
P. Siva Prasad , Chekka Raju
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2 A Novel Way to Discover Patterns Adopting Effective Pattern Matching Approach fo..
Navuluri. Madhavilatha , Bandla Srinivasa Rao
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3 A Reinforcement Learning Framework based Packet Routing in Ad-hoc Networks
Sri Devi Guggilam , Umamaheswararao Batta
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4 Clustering the Web Documents Using the Enhanced Hierarchical Clustering Technique
Konjeti Devi Badari , Kesavarapu Tirumala Reddy
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5 Domain based Ranking Adaptation Model in Search Engines
Bhu Devi Guggilam , Damarla Sree latha
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6 Enhanced Data Storage Security and Trust Environment in Cloud Computing
Arif Sultana Shaik , S. Rama Krishna
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7 Multi-Cloud Storage based Integrity Verification System using Batch Auditing
Grandhi Prasuna , Bandla Srinivasa Rao
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8 Personalized Recommendation System using Ranking Adaptation Models
Maddina Prasannanjaneyulu , A. Veera Swamy
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9 QoS Parameters Based Efficient Video Content Distribution by Using Effective Ban..
CH. Vamsi Krishna , YAMINI REDDY
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10 An Evidence Collection Trust based Risk free routing attacks in MANET
A. Pratapa Reddya , N. Satyanarayana
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11 An Improving Performance of Filter Method Using Feature Subset Selection Algorithm
L. Gomathi , S. Kanimozhi
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12 Combining Tracking Technologies with Web Usage for Website
L. Gomathi , Noorjan Irshath
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13 Data Mining Analysis using PIVOT Method in K.Means
K. Selvaraj , S. Vasantha
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14 Data Mining Analysis using Query Formulation In Aggregation Recommendation
L. Gomathi , K. Ramya
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15 Efficient Position-Based Opportunistic Routing Using Reliable Data Delivery in MANET
M. Geetha , D. Renuka
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16 Security Functionality in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Trust-Aware Routing F..
M. Praveen Kumar
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17 A Proficient Cost Reduction System for Moving Large Data to Cloud
Muralikrishnan Ramane , Elangovan Bharath , Aravind Baradwaj B
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18 Collision Detection in MANET based on Network Coding Technique
J. Srinivasan , S. Sudha
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19 Developing a Reliability Prediction System Using Multivariate Analysis Theory on..
E. Umamaheswari , D.K.Ghosh
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20 Personalized Web Search Based On User Histories in Feature Extraction
V.Vijayadeepa , D.K.Ghosh
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