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1 Dynamic Deferred Acknowledgment Mechanism for Improving the Performance of TCP i..
Dodda Sunith , Dr.A.Nagaraju , Dr. G.Narsimha
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2 Propose and Execution of Decimal Matrix Code for Correcting Cell Upsets in Memories
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3 A Survey of Different Feature Selection Algorithms with Fast
N.Shirisha , D.L.Padmaja
74-77 Click Here
4 Hiding Of Encrypted Information Using Stochastic Diffusion
Manibharathi. B , Rizvana.M , Srinivasan. R
60-63 Click Here
5 Humanizing Queries for Large Scale Image Search
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6 Collaborative Node Multi Level Hybrid Security Scheme for Intrusion Detection i..
Katnekaluva Rajendra Babu , P. Namratha
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7 Distributed Virtual Switch based Attack Detection and Countermeasure Selection f..
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8 Anomaly Detection via Online Oversampling Principal Component Analysis
R.Sundara Nagaraj , C.Anitha , K.K.Kavitha
105-109 Click Here
9 Bandwidth Allocation for Vehicular Mobile Computing Using QOS
P.Jayamurugan , A.Kangaiammal , K.K.Kavitha
110-113 Click Here
10 Comparative Evaluation of Web Image Search Engines in Multimedia Applications f..
P.Mohanapriya , A.Kangaiammal , K.K.Kavitha
114-119 Click Here
11 Detecting Spoofing Intruders for Hierarchical Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
S.Revathi , T.R.Vithya , K.K.Kavitha
120-124 Click Here
12 Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images by Reserving Room before Encryption
T.Preetham , PollankiKusuma
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13 Survey of Multi Level Integrated AC-DC Converter Control of DC Motor Applications
P.Kanaga , P.Eugine Paul , M.Mahalakshmi
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14 Frequent Itemsets Mining Algorithms: A Review
A. Vaishnavi , B. Anantharaj , N. Saravanan, N. Balaji
13-20 Click Here
15 Nature Inspired Algorithms: A Review
M. Bhuvaneswari , S. Hariraman , B. Anantharaj, N. Balaji
21-28 Click Here
16 Secure Mining of Association Rules in Distributed Database
R.Snega , D.Ananthanayaki , K.K.Kavitha
29-32 Click Here
17 Cipher Text-Policy Attribute based Encryption for Secure Data Retrieval in Disr..
K. Kalaiselvi , B.Kabilarasan
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18 Design and Implementation of Efficient Audio Streaming System Using Raspberry Pi
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19 Reliable TPA for Auditing Users Data Stored in Cloud
D.S. Jyothi , K. Venkata Ramaiah
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20 An Identity Destructing Records Organization Based On Energetic Storage Space F..
M.Madhuri , T.Deepa
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